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The Kingspan Kooltherm range offers a number of benefits including:

• High performance

• Compliant with AS/NZS 4859.1

• Perfect for new building and retrofitting

• Can be used in both homes and commercial buildings

• Offers among the most thermally efficient conductivity and thermal performance values available

• Group 1 BCA fire classification

• Environmentally friendly – CFC/HCFC-free with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

• Includes a fibre-free insulation core

• Ease of handling and installation speeds of construction and retrofitting

• Resists the passage of water vapour due to the closed cell structure of the insulation.

The high performance of Kingspan Kooltherm products means that you can minimise the thickness of your insulation while achieving the same performance compared to other insulation products.

The Kingspan Kooltherm range includes products for a variety of applications and offers external wall board, cavity board, soffit board, framing board and insulated plasterboard.

Before beginning any installation – whether for new building or retrofitting – we conduct a complete assessment to determine the best product for the situation. As specialist insulation contractors, we use only qualified plasterers when we install Kingspan Kooltherm and other insulation products.

We have experience installing a variety of Kooltherm products. Examples include:

• Kingspan Kooltherm K10 Soffit Board at Clara Apartments in Kew, Victoria – we installed directly to concrete soffit with mechanical fasteners and taped at the joins.

• Kingspan Aircell (white face) at the Kensington Primary School Basketball Stadium – we installed to the underside of metal purlins and taped at the joins.

• Kingspan Aircell (Retroshield) at the Kangan Institute in Richmond Victoria – we installed to the underside of metal purlins and taped at the joins (see project details at Retrofitting Warehouse Roof Insulation for Energy Cost Savings, Increased Comfort And More Productive Staff).

• Kingspan Permifloor Underfloor insulation in numerous residential applications.

If you are not sure which insulation will be best for your requirements, we will be glad discuss your building plans or visit your site to determine the most effective solution.

We also offer Install only options for builders or homeowners that wish to purchase materials direct from the suppliers.